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_(final) Rui Qi Ma.jpeg

Ruiqi Ma (Ricky)

Research Assistant


2021 - Present Research Assistant, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

2020 - 2021      Research Assistant, Nanjing Tech University





2017 - 2021      B.E., Biology Engineering, Nanjing Tech University



2017                 Second-class scholarship

2018                 Special-class scholarship

2018                 National Encouragement Scholarship (5%)

2019                 Full scholarship for CUDC in Cambridge

2019                 National Encouragement Scholarship (5%)

2021                 Excellent Graduate & Graduation Thesis


H. Jia, Y. Li, R. Ma, et al. Application of sucrose synthase from green algae in catalyzed glycosylation reaction. China Patent No. 202110582880.8 


X. He, Y. Li, Y. Tao, X. Qi, R. Ma, H. Jia, M. Yan, K. Chen, N. Hao, 2020. Discovering and efficiently promoting extracellular secretory expression of Thermobacillus sp.ZCTH02-B1 sucrose phosphorylase in E.coli, International J. Biol. Macromol.


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