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Justin L. Tan

Principal Investigator


2020 - Present   Principal Investigator, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

2017 - 2020        Junior Principal Investigator, Genome Institute of Singapore

2015 - 2020        Research Fellow, Cancer Science Institute, NUS

2014 - 2015        Postdoctoral Fellow, Boston Children's Hospital

2008 - 2009        Research Officer, Genome Institute of Singapore


2009 - 2014        Ph.D. in Chemical Biology, Harvard University

2005 - 2008        B.Sc. in Biochemistry, UCLA


2010    Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Harvard University 

2009    Agency for Science, Technology & Research Scholarship (PhD), Singapore

2008    Departmental Highest Honors, UCLA Biochemistry, UCLA

2008    Geissman Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry, UCLA

2005    Agency for Science, Technology & Research Scholarship (BSc), Singapore

Yifan Hong.jpeg
_(final) Melody.jpg
_(final) Hilary.jpg

Meng Qiao (Melody)
Lab Manager

Hilary Ho
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yifan Hong
Associate Researcher

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_(final) Zafar.jpg
_(final) Icy.jpg

Iqra Ishrat
Postdoctoral Fellow

Qing Tang (Icy)
Ph.D. Student

Zaffar Bhat
Postdoctoral Fellow

_(final) Yuan Ping.jpg

Yuanping Wei
Ph.D. Student

_(final) Orietta.jpg
_(final) Martina.jpg

Na Wei (Martina)
M.Sc. Student

Yanxi Huang (Orietta)
Ph.D. Student

_(final) Shamy.jpg
_(final) Yanqing.jpg
_(final) Rui Qi Ma.jpeg

Ruiqi Ma (Ricky)
Research Assistant

Yanqing Chen
Research Assistant

Shamy Lu
M. Sc. Student


_(final) Joanna.jpg

Joanna Yeo
Former Research Assistant

Ph.D.A*STAR / Nanyang
Technological University

_(final) Zhi Han Lim.jpg

Zhi Han Lim
Former Research Assistant

Junior Scientist II,

_(final) Alina Stein.jpg

Alina Stein
Former Student Intern

Ph.D., University of Basel, Switzerland

_(final) Alexandra.jpg

Alexandra Chivu
Former Student Intern

Ph.D. Student,
Cornell University

_(final) Jervin Tay.jpg

Jervin Tay
Former Student Intern

B.Sc. Student,
Singapore Institute of Technology

_(final) Yock Sin.jpg

Yock Sin Lay
Former Student Intern

B.Sc. Student,
National University of Singapore

_(final) Yi Xuan Low.jpeg

Yi Xuan Low
Former Student Intern

Ph.D. Student,
Imperial College London

_(final) Si Yuan.jpg

Siyuan Wang
Former Student Intern

M.Sc. Student,
Duke University

_(final) Zi Wang.jpg

Zi Wang
Former Student Intern

B.Sc. Student,
Chinese University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen

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