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Yanqing Chen

Research Assistant


2020 - Present    Research Assistant, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory


2017 - 2019        M.Sc. Veterinary Medicine, Guangxi University
2013 - 2017        B.A. Agriculture, SouthWest University   


2019                   Excellent M.Sc. Academic Dissertation (Top 4%)

2019                   Outstanding Graduate
2018                   Excellent students-academic technology

2018                   First-class scholarship

2017                   Second-class scholarship


Young G, Chen Y. Q., Yang Mei. Concentrations, distribution, and risk assessment of heavy metals in the iron tailings of Yeshan National Mine Park in Nanjing, China. Chemosphere, 2021 Jan 5;271:129546. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2021.129546

Chen Y. Q., Wei Y. Y., Liang W. W., et al. Evaluation of antibacterial effect of Sanhuanglian powder in Streptococcus agalactiae in vitro. Guangxi journal of animal husbandry & veterinary medicine, 2019, 35(5):205-208+220 [in Chinese]

Chen Y. Q., Wu Y. Y., Liang W. W., et al. Experimental Study on Subchronic Toxicity of Sanhuanglian powder. Chinese Journal of Veterinary Drug, 2018, 52(10) [in Chinese]

Wu Y. Y, Song M. L, Chen Y. Q., et al. Sub-chronic Toxicity Test of Yuxingcaojieling Mixture. Progress in Veterinary Medicine, 2018, 39(12):114-120. [in Chinese]

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